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Long-Ago Entry — What to Do If You Lost Your Passport and White I-94 Card and Need to Prove Your Entry

Foreign nationals who entered the United States before CBP moved over to an electronic arrival/departure system for I-94 records were issued white I-94 cards that were stapled into their passports. That record is important evidence to prove that the foreign national was inspected and admitted. This arises most often when the foreign national is out of status but still eligible to adjust status as an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen (spouse, parent, or child). When that record is lost, the foreign national can request a duplicate from USCIS, but USCIS cannot always find the record. What to do? Other agencies may have copies of the original records. For example, if you applied for a Social Security card – years ago, foreign nationals who had a valid and unexpired visa and I-94 were issued Social Security cards – you can request from the Social Security Administration the documents that were used to request that SS card: the passport number and the I-94 record.