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News in Brief

The following additional items may be of interest to our readers:

Reminder: New Versions of Most Common Immigration Forms Now in Effect: Effective 2/21/17, USCIS will only accept forms dated 12/23/2016 (I-90, I-539, I-751, N-400, I-130, I-131) or 1/17/17 (I-140, I-485, I-765, I-129) for many of the most common immigration forms. Form G-28, however, remains unchanged; the version dated 5/5/16 remains current. The latest versions of USCIS forms can be found at https://www.uscis.gov/forms.

Employment Authorization Extended for Nepali F-1 Students: In late December, DHS authorized an extension of work authorization for certain F-1 nonimmigrant students from Nepal who are experiencing severe economic hardship as a direct result of the 4/25/15 earthquake. The notice was effective 12/27/16 and will remain in effect through 6/24/18.

TPS Extended for Yemen: DHS announced an extension and redesignation of Yemen for Temporary Protected Status for 18 months, from 3/4/17 through 9/3/18. The redesignation allows additional individuals who have been continuously residing in the U.S. since 1/4/17 to obtain TPS, if otherwise eligible.

TPS Extended for Somalia: DHS extended Temporary Protected Status for eligible nationals of Somalia (and eligible individuals without nationality who last habitually resided in Somalia) for an additional 18 months, effective 3/18/17 through 9/17/18.

Work Authorization and Salvadoran TPS: The Vermont Service Center has confirmed that it is working to timely process El Salvador TPS/EAD applications, and it will consider all options to address those cases that have not been processed by 3/9/17, the EAD (employment authorization document) automatic extension expiration date. The VSC is currently working on applications filed after 9/4/16.