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Updates on TPS and Deferred Enforced Departure

The following is an update and roundup of the current status of TPS for some 10 countries. As of August 2017, an estimated 325,000 TPS beneficiaries live in the United States. More than 90 percent of individuals with TPS are nationals of El Salvador (195,000), Honduras (57,000), or Haiti (50,000). The remaining beneficiaries come from six other countries and certain Liberians are beneficiaries of “deferred enforced departure.” Recently, the Administration terminated TPS designation for Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan. (Bold font indicates the country’s designation will be terminated in 2018 and 2019):

  • El Salvador: DHS has not yet determined the fate for TPS for El Salvador; TPS is currently in effect though 3/9/18.
  • Haiti: DHS announced the termination of Haiti’s TPS but delayed the effective date for 18 months; its TPS designation terminates on 7/22/19.
  • Honduras: DHS determined that additional information was necessary regarding the TPS designation for Honduras, but extended TPS for six months until 7/5/18.
  • Liberia: Deferred Enforced Departure for certain Liberians through 3/31/18.
  • Nicaragua: DHS announced the termination of Nicaragua’s designation for TPS effective 1/5/2019.
  • Nepal: DHS extended TPS for Nepal through 6/24/2018.
  • Sudan: DHS announced the termination of Sudan’s designation for TPS, effective 11/2/2018.
  • South Sudan: DHS extended South Sudan’s designation for TPS for 18 months, effective through 5/2/2019.
  • Syria: DHS extended and re-designated Syria for TPS through 3/31/18.
  • Yemen: TPS for Yemen was extended and re-designated through 9/3/2018.